SMRC Sweepstakes Standings

Updated 9-6-2015


The SMRC sweepstakes year runs July 1 through June 30. Secretaries have 30 days to file show reports. Final year end standings should be posted by August 15 of each year. 


Any questions regarding your points or standings, please contact

Sarah Bosio at 740-922-1858 not the webmaster.



2014-2015 final open sweeps standings


2014-2015 youth sweeps standings


2013-2014 Final Open sweeps standing


2013-2014 Youth sweeps standing



Past Years Sweepstakes Standings


2012-2013 Final Open Sweepstakes


2012-2013 Final youth Sweepstakes


2011-2012 Final Open Sweepstakes


2011-2012 Youth Sweepstakes


2010-2011 Open Sweepstakes


2010-2011 Youth Sweepstakes


2008-2009 Open Sweepstakes


2009-2010 Youth Sweepstakes





Send any questions, comments or concerns to:

SMRC Secretary


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