2013 arba Convention Results & Photos  

updated 10-27-2013


2013 ARBA Convention Open & Youth Results



Judge Bob Koch with Garret Sanders - BOB and 

Max & Laurie Eells


Allissa  Mclean with Judge Bob Koch

BOSV Black


Youth Exhibitors




(L-R) Dan Saunier - BOS and Lowell Trausch - BOB

Left - Connie banging her head against the wall!

Right - Dick Dunlap - AKA King Richard


2012 arba Convention Results & Photos

Cailie Logue - Best of Breed - Youth

Youth Results


Black - 17

                Sr. Buck - BOSV Sr. Doe - BOV - BOSB Jr. Buck Jr. Doe
1st Madison & Adam Nelson Allissa McLean Madison & Adam Nelson Garrett Sanders
2nd Garrett Sanders Allissa McLean Madison & Adam Nelson
3rd Allissa McLean Lane Faulkenberry Garrett Sanders
4th Madison & Adam Nelson Madison & Adam Nelson Allissa McLean
5th Lane Faulkenberry Cailie Logue
6th Madison & Adam Nelson



Blue - 8

    Sr. Buck Sr. Doe Jr. Buck - BOV - BOB Jr. Doe - BOSV 
1st Elizabeth Gray Cailie Logue Cailie Logue Cailie Logue
2nd Cailie Logue Cailie Logue Lane Faulkenberry Lane Faulkenberry



Chocolate - 4

       Sr. Buck - BOV Sr. Doe Jr. Buck Jr. Doe - BOSV
1st Madison & Adam Nelson Madison & Adam Nelson Madison & Adam Nelson
2nd Madison & Adam Nelson



1st - Madison & Adam Nelson

2nd - Madison & Adam Nelson

3rd - Allissa McLean

4th - Allissa McLean


Tex Thomas - Best & Best Opposite of Breed

BOB - Black Jr. Buck BOSB - Black Jr. Doe
Black Sr. Buck - 21 Sr. Doe - 12 Jr. Buck - 22 - BOV Jr. Doe - 31 - BOSV
1st Tex Thomas Tex Thomas Tex Thomas Tex Thomas
2nd Scott Demanche Tex Thomas Daniel Saunier Ron Riddle
3rd Ron Riddle Ron Riddle Tex Thomas Ron Riddle
4th Tex Thomas Roy & Barb Semb Ron Riddle Scott Demanche
5th Melissa & Tom Carlson Daniel Saunier Stephanie Meyers Scott Demanche
6th Robert Newell Connie Burant Tex Thomas Tex Thomas
7th Ron Riddle Connie Burant Scott Demanche Stevie & Shirley Rome
8th Ron Riddle Jacques Laroche Daniel Saunier Dick Dunlap
9th Daniel Saunier Stevie & Shirley Rome Lowell Trausch Ron Riddle
10th Ron Riddle Melissa Carlson Robert Newall Lowell Trausch
Blue Sr. Buck - 10 -BOSV Sr. Doe - 10 Jr. Buck - 10 Jr. Doe - 22 - BOV
1st Connie Burant Ron Riddle Lowell Trausch Tex Thomas
2nd Ron Riddle Scott Demanche Ron Riddle Tex Thomas
3rd Ron Riddle Connie Burant Ron Riddle Connie Burant
4th Ron Riddle Stevie & Shirley Rome Tex Thomas Stevie & Shirley Rome
5th Tex Thomas Jacques Laroche Ron Riddle Jacques Laroche
6th Tony Baareman Tex Thomas Tex Thomas Ron Riddle
7th Melissa & Tom Carlson Lowell Trausch Tony Baareman Lowell Trausch
8th Connie Burant Ron Riddle Keith & Katie Peltier Connie Burant
9th Tex Thomas Connie Burant Tex Thomas Tom & Melissa Carlson
10th Robert Newal Tony Baareman Connie Burant Ron Riddle
Chocolate Sr. Buck - 4 - BOSV  Sr. Doe -5 - BOV Jr. Buck - 8 Jr. Doe - 16
1st Robert Newall Roy & Barb Semb Connie Burant Connie Burant
2nd Robert Newall Roy & Barb Semb Dick Dunlap Connie Burant
3rd Dick Dunlap Roy & Barb Semb Dick Dunlap Tom & Melissa Carlson
4th DQ'd Tom & Melissa Carlson Lowell Trausch Robert Newell
5th   Issac & Judy Whatley Connie Burant Dick Dunlap
6th     Stephanie Keranen Bill Estes
7th     Bill Estes Dick Dunlap
8th     Tom & Melissa Carlson Dick Dunlap
9th       Tom & Melissa Carlson
10th       Ron Riddle
Sable Sr. Buck - 9 BOV Sr. Doe - 5 Jr. Buck - 3 Jr. Doe - 6 BOSV
1st Roy & Barb Semb Lowell Trausch Lowell Trausch Lowell Trausch
2nd Tom & Melissa Carlson Keith & Katie Peltier  Lowell Trausch Connie Burant
3rd Tom & Melissa Carlson Connie Burant Tom & Melissa Carlson Tom & Melissa Carlson
4th Lowell Trausch Lowell Trausch   Connie Burant
5th Lowell Trausch Connie Burant   Lowell Trausch
6th Connie Burant     DQ'd
7th Tom & Melissa Carlson      
8th Connie Burant      
9th DQ'd